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Do you want Calm, Relaxed, Confident, Responsive horses?


The Horse Place, situated on the picturesque North Devon coast line, is home to Licensed Parelli Professionals, Alison Jones 4-star Senior Instructor and David Zuend 4-star Senior Instructor and Horse Development Specialist.

With the UK currently only having three Licensed 4-star Senior Instructors and David being the only Licensed Horse Development Specialist, The Horse Place is unique in having two of the top UK Parelli Professionals resident.

The wealth of combined knowledge of Alison and David makes The Horse Place a must when studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship or wanting a horse started or trained using the Parelli Method.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship is a system where understanding the horses point of view is paramount. Pat Parelli has developed a system which allows us to play with our horses in four areas, a comprehensive ground skills program, on line and at liberty as well as ridden areas of freestyle and finesse. The Parelli Method acknowledges there is always more to be learned and encourages students to seek never ending self-improvement.

At The Horse Place we are dedicated to helping people to live their dreams with horses, achieving calm, relaxed, confident and responsive horses through Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

If you love horses, you will love The Horse Place

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"There is something about this place where you can be immersed and surrounded by great horsemanship. Live it, breath it, watch it, feel it, getting away from usual distractions, and laughs, did I mention the laughing? I for one will be back many times."

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