Young Horse Demonstration at Fohlenweid, Bremgarten, Switzerland.

Young Horse Demonstration at Fohlenweid, Bremgarten, Switzerland.

Earlier this month David returned to Switzerland to present a Young Horse Demonstration with Ruedi Boschung of the Fohlenweid, Bremgarten.

 This year for the first time the demonstration was held in a specially constructed round pen outside instead of in the indoor arena.

 The first horses into the round pen were a premium Warmblood mare with a foal, out in front of an audience for the first time. David quickly engaged with the impetuous young colt, giving him a clear language and a lot of sensitivity to assure him there was nothing to fear. After a short time the colt accepted David as his leader and left his mother willingly to be with him.

Next, two colts were brought into the round pen together. At first they were allowed to run free to get used to the new environment and numerous spectators outside of the pen. As they settled David and Ruedi were able to play the seven games with the youngsters, with various obstacles. They learned to walk over a pole, put their feet on a pedestal and and gained enough confidence to step into the trailer.

It was interesting to see the different horsenalities of the two colts. One, an Arab/Haflinger cross was predominantly a left brain introvert who learned extremely fast and then quickly became interested in the grass in the round pen. The other, a Swiss Warmblood was rather more critical and needed more leadership to complete the exercises with confidence and without fear.

After a short break, Ruedi brought a slightly older colt into the pen for David to ride for the first time. David played on the ground with him at first and then rode Ruedi’s Warmblood gelding Aquamarine with the colt to guide him from the saddle.

Once the colt had settled, David firstly laid his arm over the saddle area, bounced up and down beside him until he no longer tried to move away and then very quietly laid over his back. Before too long David was sitting on the youngster who looked calm and happy.

As always, It was very impressive to see how stress free the first ride can be for a young horse when you apply the principles of Love, Language and Leadership.

A big thank you to Monika Vehlow for these great pictures and several more we have uploaded to the young horses section of the gallery.


  1. Hi David and all at the Horse Place!
    looked very demanding and fullon at Fohlenweid,Switzerland but no
    doubt you enjoyed it! What a great profile for Parelli!
    Just a quick update on Rolly.I have been able to ride him in my field
    using three round pens to establish patterns but now I must turn him away as the ground has become wet and Christmas trade with my business is now in full swing.I am amazed at his natural rythmn and balance,unfortunetly he has learned to clear the post and rails with an electric wire on top even wearing his rug,he used to do it last year but there was no electric then,anyway he doesnt want to leave
    my fields yet so no worries!!
    See you in the Spring

    • Lovely to hear Rolly is doing well at home and you were able to get some quality time with him before Christmas takes over. He is obviously feeling very well and keen to let you know how good at jumping he is.

      You may be interested in the video in our video gallery of the 2010 Young Horse Demo at Folhenweid.

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