Two Parelli Demonstrations at Bicton College

Two Parelli Demonstrations at Bicton College

On Wednesday 22nd February 2012, Alison and David presented their first two Demonstrations for 2012.

Initially invited to give a private demonstration to Equestrian Students at Bicton College, this seemed an ideal opportunity to use the facilities at the college for an evening demonstration to the public as well.

During the afternoon Alison and David, with two of their own horses, introduced the Parelli Method to a very attentive group of college students. Later in the evening, they were joined by 12 other instructors and five horses, from the South West UK Instructors Team to present the evening demonstration ‘Safety First not First Aid’

Led by Alison and David, the team demonstrated the importance of a solid foundation in training horses to put safety first and reduce the need for first aid.

The evening started with a Savvy team display, followed by a short comic sketch from Alison and David as their alter ego’s, Penelope and Ken, showing that a well bred horse and lots of love is not enough to keep you safe.

To continue the safety theme, the Devon Air Ambulance Trust sent along a representative to give a presentation of the work of the Air Ambulance and some advice for everyone should they ever need their services.

After a short break for refreshments, the evening continued with the more serious part of the demonstration.

Firstly, Alison explained the importance of ground skills and building a relationship with your horse. Members of the savvy team played with their horses in varying equipment appropriate to each level, from 12ft line to liberty.

David then took over the mic and talked about how the ground skills would transfer to riding. As David explained the progression though different stages of riding, again members of the savvy team rode in equipment appropriate to each level, from one rein riding to bridleless.

To round off the evening, Alison gave a short display of finesse riding followed by a return of the savvy team for a spectacular finish.

All the instructors and helpers donated their time and made no charge for expenses so the total rasied from the evening, £520 has been donated to The Devon Air Ambulance.

Feedback from the college following the private demonstration for the students has been very favourable and hopefully this is something that will be repeated in the future.

Thanks go to all helpers and instructors who contributed to such a successful day.

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