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Tania Boehmer - The Horse Place

Tania Boehmer – Working Student

Tania started riding horses at the age of nine. For the first six years she rode and cared for
other people’s horses. Six years ago she joined a riding club and started riding lessons there, but gradually became very discontented with the way of dealing with horses most people are used to.

When Tania again got the opportunity to care for and work with another privately owned horse, she left the riding club. Wanting to improve her relationship and gain more lightness with this horse, Tania searched the internet for a different approach. She soon found many likeminded people who were following the Parelli Program and quickly became fascinated by this way of dealing with horses.
In 2011/2012 she spent 4 ½ months as working student with Alison and David and
completed most of her Level 3.

In October 2013 she took the chance to come back and spend more time at The Horse Place and she has been here since. During this time she passed her Level 4, successfully completed the Fast Track in Germany in 2014 and rode in a Lead Change Lessons with Pat Parelli at Addington in March 2015. 
Now she is focusing on improving her overall horsemanship, especially the skill of reading horses, learning more about horse development and putting principles to purpose with the goal of competing in dressage.

Alex - The Horse Place

Alex Robinson – Working Student

Alex began Parelli in 2007 to help build a stronger relationship with her horse Jester and has allowed them to progress from being trapped in an arena to hacking out confidently alone and attending clinics and play days. After an unplanned break from levels progression Alex is keen to get back on track and film Level 3 auditions.

Alex is particularly interested in the development of young horses, after bringing Jester on as a six year old and helping with her mother’s green Fjord horse, and is excited to learn more about how to develop a good foundation.

In addition to this, Alex is very interested in learning about driving, with hopes of later combining horses and her love of habitat management to have a go at horse logging.

Beverley Moran - The Horse Place

Beverley Moran – Office and Administration

Horse mad from a very early age, Beverley owned her first horse when she started work. Since then, not a day has gone by, when there was not a horse or two in her life and almost without exception, every one of them became lifelong partners. Beverley says she was always very competitive and over the years, has enjoyed various disciplines. She became intrigued with Parelli in the late 1990’s when she saw a friend back her pony into its stable, with a wiggle of the finger! After passing level 1 Beverley drifted away from the program, returning a few years later, like so many people, when she found herself with a new and very challenging horse. This was RBE and so a new level of learning began.

After seeing Alison and David in action at the Parelli Celebration events, Beverley found them living almost on her doorstep! Eager to learn and have a greater understanding of Parelli, she joined the team at the end of 2012 and passed Level 2, only to be laid up with a non-horse related injury which side-lined her for most of 2013. Anxious to get things back to normal, she is now looking for better times in 2014 with her goal to pass Level 3, albeit with another partner, this time a LBI called Edward.

Fleur Churchill - The Horse Place

Fleur Churchill – Official Photographer

Fleur has been a Parelli student for many years, and has been studying with Alison since 2003 when Alison was a newly qualified 1* Instructor. Lack of time, transport and life challenges caused many long gaps in her studies, but she is now furthering her horsemanship consistently, and is often to be found at the Horse Place or local playdays and events.

Fleur started out with LBI Haflinger x Quarter Horse Giddy. This challenging little horse has a will of steel and feet that like to stay slow. She requires very patient but firm leadership.  Fleur is now also the owner of the complete opposite – the high energy LBE Lusitano mare, Estalihna Cedros (Miss P). After dreaming of this horse for 10 years, she is now playing in L4 with this very talented mare and working towards a liberty specialisation.

Besides horses, Fleur has a passion for photography, and if not on the end of a rope, will be found on the end of a lens, even on occasion, both together! Fleur has honed her photography skills documenting the Horse Place Team, and fellow Parelli students doing what they do best. Her horse photography highlight so far, has been the honour of a full page picture of David and Whitey from the 2012 Open Day making it into Savvy Times, the official Parelli magazine. Her website is

Clare - The Horse Place

Clare – Our Knight in Shining Armour

Clare and Alison met in 1995 when Alison was working on an eventing yard, they went to Duchy College together and have remained firm friends ever since.  Clare is the reason Alison and David are at Milford as this is where Clare grew up.

Clare was very keen on racing and worked for Martin Pipe after leaving Duchy, one of her horses being Dom Samurai who was second in the Welsh National.  When she left Pipes, she worked in Australia for a year in racing yards, then came home to Milford to work on the family farm, which she still does now.  When she came home, she bought a failing hurdler called Imprevu (Sid), to train him and ride him in point to points which she did with some success.

When Sid became dangerous on the racecourse she decided to stop racing him for which family and friends were very thankful!

Clare also has another horse, Miss Daisy Duke, a Bodmin Moor pony that she started and is her levels horse and now working her way at the end of level 3, into level 4.

Clare is looking to put a solid foundation on both horses and have them be calm and responsive in their winter job – on the hunting field and in their summer jobs of show jumping and eventing.  Daisy has been jumping up to 1.15m tracks and Clare’s aim is to compete at 1.20m foxhunter level and complete the Working Hunter course at Royal Cornwall Show with her.  Clare is our knight in shining armour, living now 4 miles away, she is always there for everything and in an emergency is the first on hand.

Sue and Les - The Horse Place

Sue and Les – Student Accommodation

Sue and Les are the owners of East Milford farm and landlords of The Horse Place.

The farm has been in the family for seven generations so roots go fairly deep.

Les milked 200 cows here at East Milford until November 2009 but now keeps young stock and calves. Daughter Clare (our knight in shining armour) now looks after the milking herd at her farm, not far away in Hartland. Sue looks after their self catering holiday cottages and also provides full board accommodation for students attending clinics or private lessons, in four rooms of their farmhouse.

All guests staying with Sue will be greeted by her two very friendly dogs, Kracker and Bracken and a relaxed homely environment with fantastic farmhouse cooking awaits. During workshops and clinics Sue can usually provide lunches for students and spectators who are not staying with her.


Dylan - The Horse Place

Dylan – Pest Control Officer

As Dougal has now retired himself as pest control officer, Dylan has joined the team. Born in 2016, he joined us at around 10 weeks old. He ‘helped’ with every task – filling hay nets was a particular favourite, ending inside the hay net several times! Now a mature cat, he busies himself with pest control, but mostly shrews from the hedge. We look forwards to his first rat catch!

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"There is something about this place where you can be immersed and surrounded by great horsemanship. Live it, breath it, watch it, feel it, getting away from usual distractions, and laughs, did I mention the laughing? I for one will be back many times."

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