Rolly’s Progress – Day 28

Rolly’s Progress – Day 28

Rolly gave me a lovely canter! All upright, set, strong and relaxed, like flying!

It went as planned yesterday with Rolly in the school. I rode him in the Hackamore first, then in the Snaffle in walk and trot. He didn’t care much and that’s good. Then I did some carrot stick riding in the walk and trot. He was ok with it. Bending to a stop works, but takes still a while with the stick. He is not good with the stick between his ears yet, (specially when going forward), on the outside it is ok. I didn’t do anything about it just then. It felt like we could get in quite an argument about it. But we will look at it at some point!

Today I did a little playing on the ground and rode him in the school in the Hackamore. He gave me a lovely canter! All upright, set, strong and relaxed, like flying! A little better to the left than to the right. Then I changed to the snaffle reins for a little while. His backup has got so much better over the last 3 days, now mostly he really backs up and doesn’t escape with the shoulders or hindquarters after a step or two, quite a pleasure.

Then we went on a little hack. Alison rode Yellow and Valerie my Grey. Rolly was very awake, positive and excited. We lead about half the ride, past cars and over bridges Alison and Yellow took the lead. We found a big water puddle on the way, it took a while and some convincing and little help from Yellow to walk through it.

The whole being out was good, Rolly stayed left brained and listening all the time.

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