Parelli Demonstration at Duchy College 21st July

Parelli Demonstration at Duchy College 21st July

The last of our demonstrations for July took place last Thursday evening at Duchy College in Cornwall.

The college is a regular venue for us, holding our Games and Spotlights days and David’s evening workshop series here.

For this demonstration, Alison had chosen to bring 10 year old Cookie and David his young horse Grey. Both were joined by Clare with her horse Daisy.

As with the Stretcholt Farm Demonstration, Alison led the first half, running through the value of playing with a horse on the ground. David and Clare showed different variations of each game as Alison described the uses and benefits of using these games to communicate with our horses.

After a short break, David took over to explain the natural progression from ground skills into riding skills, again emphasising that the most important thing we can learn is to not cause the horse to brace against us.

Alison gave a short demonstration of finesse with Cookie, to show what can be achieved once the freestyle riding is solid.

The evening ended with a mini competition between David, Alison and Clare over a course of obstacles and tasks. David remained in the saddle, Alison dismounted to take part at liberty and Clare was on a 22ft line. David described the course saying that as he was mounted he would sideways over the barrel instead of jumping it.

The audience were having none of it, insisting that he jump as well. When Grey was not sure about jumping  a single barrel, the applause for Alison and Clare died down as we watched David put the relationship first and we were all happy for Grey to sideways over it. Alison pulled two barrels together to give Grey more confidence and David gently presented him in front of them allowing him to confidently jump. The competition was forgotten, Grey got the biggest applause and the Parelli Program Principles were the outright winner.

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"There is something about this place where you can be immersed and surrounded by great horsemanship. Live it, breath it, watch it, feel it, getting away from usual distractions, and laughs, did I mention the laughing? I for one will be back many times."

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