Open Day 2011

Open Day 2011

Our first Open Day at The Horse Place was held on Sunday 19th June 2011. After a week of non stop rain, the day came and the sun shone. The biggest casualty, of course, was our temporary car park area that had by then become unusable.

 About fifty people turned out for the day and thanks to our volunteers Louise Broadway, Nell Cruse and Anna Chapman, who managed to squeeze vehicles into every nook and cranny of hard standing on the farm, everyone found a space.

 Alison, David and Clare with their horses, Orange, Whity and Daisy opened the proceedings at 10am with a Savvy Team display showing online, liberty and freestyle.

 David then took over the morning sessions focusing on training young horses. Demonstrating  with a young horse he has been working with, David took us through online skills and then freestyle riding explaining the relevance of everything he asked of the horse.

 The striking young grey horse was a little confused at the amount of interest in her training session for this morning but settled very quickly, demonstrating the value of the foundation of training David had already achieved.

 A short demonstration of driving followed before we broke for lunch.

 During the lunch break, Alison and David made themselves available to chat to everyone and several students took advantage of our Open Day Special discount for the summer clinics at The Horse Place.

The afternoon started with Alison giving a liberty lesson to working student Odette Insoll, with her horse Morph. Morph was also quite reluctant to come too close to the spectators, giving Alison an excellent opportunity to show how to support a horse to give him confidence at liberty.

 David and Clare joined Alison again for the second session of the afternoon and we were treated to a fantastic demonstration of bridleless riding. This was followed by Alison riding a finesse routine with Orange, showing many of the movements used in dressage.

 Finally, the day ended with another performance by the Savvy Team, this time joined by Odette.

Thank you to Louise, Nell and Anna for all their help on the day and thanks to everyone who has emailed since to say how much you enjoyed your visit.

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"There is something about this place where you can be immersed and surrounded by great horsemanship. Live it, breath it, watch it, feel it, getting away from usual distractions, and laughs, did I mention the laughing? I for one will be back many times."

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