As licensed 4*Parelli Professionals, David Zuend and Alison Jones are qualified and endorsed by Pat Parelli to provide a wide variety of services for you and your horse. These include workshops, clinics, private lessons, saddle clinics, horse starting and foundation training at The Horse Place. And freelance coaching, distance coaching and demonstrations throughout the UK and German speaking regions of Europe.

To find out more about the services we provide, see the list below and click on the links.

Workshops and Clinics at The Horse Place

Private Lessons at The Horse Place

Freelance Coaching

UK Freelance Prices

Distance Coaching

Spectators and Assisting Instructors

Working Students


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"There is something about this place where you can be immersed and surrounded by great horsemanship. Live it, breath it, watch it, feel it, getting away from usual distractions, and laughs, did I mention the laughing? I for one will be back many times."

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