2011 Savvy Camp at Brandy House Farm

2011 Savvy Camp at Brandy House Farm

Eleven students took part in the 2011 Savvy Camp at Brandy House Farm. The tried and tested format of five days of half day lessons with students taking part for half day and spectating for the other half proved ever popular.

Photographer, Claire Spelling  visited the camp for a couple of days, ensuring everyone has a lasting memory of their week. We thank Claire and Karen Baker for the photos used in this news item.     

Savvy Camp host, Medina Brock, asked students for their comments about the week.

 It is always a treat to host Clinics for Ali and our savvy camp this year was no exception!


 This was the response I got when I asked for some feedback …………………..



 Hideous views, crappy food, boring students and gruelling lessons…. Seriously why would I want everyone to know, is nothing sacred!!??



The Savvy camp is a special thing. You spend the week in a bubble, a bubble where everyone wants to be there, everyone shares your passion and you are not weird!! We ate great food cooked by Richard in the lovely Brandy house and shared fun stories and a modicum of wine in the evenings, there was a lot of laughing!. Our ponies adorned a hillside which made for a lovely sight. Ali had such a brilliant way of weaving a simple but important message through the week, all the time demonstrating with Cookie the principals and qualities in action. No one goes home going “ohh too much to take in”. We all went home totally aware of Brace and Being particular… without being critical. We understood it, we practised it, and we played with it in 3 Savvys… I consider the value of a course is what comes home with you in your head and your heart. This was a progressive and very high value course for us all.

 Did I mention how much fun it is to train there? The best bits for me were laughing so hard and so often, meeting and seeing how well my fellow students were doing and feeling so inspired. I have a wonderful picture of my horse coming back to me all power and determination, real evidence of improvement! There are many things we can practice alone but when we play together we can practice things we can never practice alone, that was a really special treat.    Much Love Viv        Still laughing

I had a brilliant week with Eddie -the perfect combination of R+R and learning. As always on Parelli courses I made new friends and revisited with old ones.

The highlight for me was all the liberty work. My liberty at home , which was completely stuck , has now come on in leaps and bounds with Eddie and my other horse as well. I think it is a testament to Ali’s teaching style that you take away what you have learnt as longterm arrows in your quiver , not just a ‘quick fix’ that doesn’t last. Similarly I am finding the whole ‘zero brace ‘ concept very useful.

 The perfect counterpoint to all this learning was the time to relax with like minded friends and eat wonderful food all prepared for you, then sink into a comfortable bed and sleep in total peace and quiet. Can you tell how much I’m looking forward to coming back?         Ann

” Fantastic week with a laid back and friendly/supportive group of students. I feel we made great progress and also had lots of fun.” I think the horses had fun too, I’m certain Danny did, his/my play drive isn’t as high at home anyway! The highlights for me were the liberty sessions everyday, all being pulled up the hill by holding tails and Viv playing stick to me on horseback.       Juliette

I’m not too good at putting into interesting words what I’ve learned or how I feel but I do remember that Ali introduced me to Liberty 2 years ago and gave me some good pointers and as you know Rafeek is now so playful that I need to calm it down a little and get him confident enough to play away from me! I have the knowledge, tools and technique to do that and have come home and am using my 45ft line most of the time.

 Learned a lot about brace and am now noticing when “we” have brace and am doing something about it.

 The camp was great, met old friends and new all willing to care and support each other. My return for the 4th year will already tell you how much I love the venue!, food, location, homely, friendly wonderful place, thanks for encouraging me to come that first year when I was being unconfident about the distance from Lancashire!


 My horse Lizzie and I had a great time at the Savvy Camp – May 2011.

 Why did I choose this Camp – three reasons stand out:

 1)      I have always wanted to visit Brandy House since hearing about the place years ago

2)      Instruction from 3* Parelli Professional – Alison Jones

3)      The format appealed – half a day instruction and half a day to watch and learn from the other group

 I love spending time with my horse with other Parelli students and a Parelli Instructor.  Alison assessed my Level 1 many moons ago and apart from some time with her at Stoneleigh I hadn’t been on a course with her since those Level 1 days.

 Having some physical issues just now half a day sounded possible – so I booked my place.  I knew a friend who was already booked on then heard about another friend who was also booked for the same Camp!  Great – but also once I got there found other people I had met before and made new friends too.  Parelli people are so friendly.

 The venue is fabulous, I loved my bedroom where I could look out and see my horse grazing.  I loved the home cooked food, and the little extra touches like homemade cake on offer every afternoon with tea!

 Alison was a true Professional. Following a brief introduction from each student on the first morning, as to where we were up to, she put together a plan for the week allowing us choice in the topics to suit our individual needs.  Once in a group for a session she was able to ensure that we all made progress.  She showed great skill at explaining the goal for the session and allowing us to make our discoveries with our own partners at the same time supporting us as necessary and demonstrating to help us see what was possible.

 I learned so much from watching the other group – and enjoyed relaxing and soaking in the Savvy during this time.

 We did a lot of liberty on this Camp and this suited me fine as due to my physical problems riding was difficult – to the extent that I had brought a side saddle!  Alison was great at supporting and encouraging me to be the best me that I could be. 

 Thank you Alison, thank you Medina and Richard and all the students I shared the Camp with – and thank you Lizzie my partner for being there with me.  We will be back!



…………I think that gives a taste of what it was like……Thanks to Ali and a ‘fabo dabo’ bunch of students & horses………..Roll on next savvy camp!!



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"There is something about this place where you can be immersed and surrounded by great horsemanship. Live it, breath it, watch it, feel it, getting away from usual distractions, and laughs, did I mention the laughing? I for one will be back many times."

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